All about us and the Vineyard/Winery

M&M Vineyard Family

 This adventure in winemaking began some thirty five years ago when  my wife and I completed our graduate studies in microbiology, which fortunately included inventive training in fermentation technologies.  The knowledge we gained planted a seed, really a grand idea, that someday we would apply what we learned to  creating something very special, namely the heavenly beverage, wine.  During the next three decades we devoted our personal lives to raising two beautiful daughters, Jasmine and Nilofer who are now both physicians, while professionally we worked in the pharmaceutical industry designing and developing human vaccine candidates. Following our retirement, the seed we planted thirty five ago began to germinate and take root,  beginning with purchase of a modest  property in Northampton County, the future site of M & M Vineyards. Our site was chosen with the assistance of local and state level viticulture experts and assessment of many different properties for their suitability in supporting robust vine growth. Following site acquisition, we spent the next few years optimizing soil structure and ameliorating soil biodiversity.


Our Land

  Nestled between the rolling hills of the Pocono Mountains and the Delaware Water Gap, our site was chosen through extensive land and soil analyses conducted throughout Northampton County. Our Vineyards' ideal south facing slopes made of rocky, well-drained soil, rich in weathered shales, balanced micronutrients and generous mineralogy, provide an exceptional terroir for producing the most highly expressive wines. Also, the small batch, handcrafted, wine making practices that we employ produce the most captivating wines in the region.

grape harvesting with Friends and Family

Our Friends and Colleagues


  We owe a great deal of thanks to all the neighbors, friends, and family who graciously helped us through this arduous process, especially to our good friend Timothy Zamb who continues to work tirelessly to help us make our dream a reality.  Narender Kalyan travelled to the farm to help from New Jersey throughout the year. We have learned so much through this whole process, but the greatest lesson we have learned is the power of community. From planting to bottling, this venture would not have been possible without the support of the gracious local winery owners, the Upper Mount Bethel Township, and our family of neighbors. For all of this, We are truly blessed. This has been a most  exciting journey from Pharma to Farmer (#PharmatoFarmer) and we look forward to the path ahead.   Thank you for taking the time to read about our family, we look forward to meeting yours in our wine tasting room.    


    The seed that was planted within us thirty five years ago could not have germinated without the generous support of our colleagues, friends and neighbors. Our neighbors, the Lodge’s, Kelly’s, Corica’s, Mascera’s, Sandnes’s, Cameron’s, Standing’s, and Abt’s provided both unconditional support to our venture and hands on assistance in both vineyard and winery processes. Upper Mount Bethel Township provided support and  guidance. Many neighboring winery owners provided generous help and guidance; special thanks to Paul Ritter (Brook Hollow Winery), Randy Detrick (Blue Ridge Winery) and Carl Tolino (Tolino Vineyards and Winery). Richard Defibo, a local farmer, executed key vineyard protocols. Mark Chien, Paul Shumaker and Lucie Morton, a group of highly respected viticulturists, provided valuable expertise. Broad Excavation Inc., Reinhart Construction Inc., Power and Light Electric Service, LLC, Climate Control Specialists and Fairchild Concrete Inc. provided high quality construction work at site. Several academic experts provided time to time help in this venture; these include, an elite group of scientists and colleagues from Cornell, PennState, Rutgers and UCDavis.